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  • Casper, Wyoming - Class starts summer 2019
  • Detroit, Michigan - Class starts summer 2019 
  • Austin, Texas - Class starts fall 2019

Coming to the American Naturopathic Medical Association's (ANMA's) 2019 Annual Convention?

Graduation Ceremony for 2019 Graduating Class  

We invite all alumni to come join us in celebrating the accomplishments for the 2019 graduating class. In 2018, our keynote speakers were Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, Clinical Advisor of our Advanced Clinical Iridology program along with an inspiring welcome from the President of the ANMA, Dr. Diamantis.  This year's commencement service promises to inspire and uplift all those in attendance. 

American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) Exam Preparation Program/Workshop 

We are honored to have been chosen to provide the ANMCB exam preparation training for this year's exam participants.  Following the recent exam changes and improvements, it is more important than ever that you invest in your success by participating in this official exam preparation program 

Pre-Convention Classes 

We are offering three exciting pre-convention classes. Don't bother picking one, enjoy discounted pricing by enrolling in all three.  
Tuesday - Sound Wave Acu-point Therapy 
Wednesday - Traditional Herbal Remedy Making 
Thursday - Homeopathy for Naturopaths

Why Our Traditional Naturopathy Program?
As Executive Director of the Int’l Institute of Natural Wellness Education, I am often asked how I would describe our Traditional Naturopathy Program. This is always a difficult thing to sum up in a few sentences, but there are a few key differences that are important factors to consider when comparing and considering what herbal education is right for you. Some of those differences would include the following: Our program is not taught by just one person, you will receive training from over a dozen different doctors and professors who are all experts in their fields of teaching. Another difference is our innovative e-Learning Module based education system that integrates recorded presentations, printable booklets to accompany the presentation, and an online quiz to assist you in ensuring that you are understanding the material. The affiliation that the Institute has with international schools and organizations that provide a diverse platform for continuing beyond your Traditional Naturopathy
Program is yet another difference from other herbal programs. Another reason that sets our program apart from others is the 5 element and body system based style of teaching that builds a more applicable foundation of understanding than a traditional western biology based nutrition and herb program. Our program also has an herbal and nutrition lab where you will find videos and recipes for making all types of whole food staples like almond butter and traditionally fermented vegetables to the herbal salves, tinctures, infusions, decoctions and lotions. Of course, we cannot forget the Final Project that is associated with each Term.  This includes your choice of a horticulture project where you grow and process your own herbs or a community outreach project that has you sharing the things you learn with others to empower change and begin to build your client base. Although any one of these innovative distinctions would be significant by themselves, if I had to sum up the question of “Why you should choose our program?” into three reasons that I feel set us apart from other programs, they would be:

Reason #3 is the scope of our education. One of our intentions during the evolution of this innovative program was to give our students a platform of teaching that would allow them to thrive as a successful holistic wellness professional in any part of this field. At the same time, we have made sure to cover topics in such a way that students will be prepared to continue their education, if they so choose, into any one of our advanced programs, such as Advanced Clinical Iridology.

Reason #2 would be the access to our live classes and in person workshops. Regardless of the advancement in modern technology and communication, we feel that the value of a live class can never be totally or completely replaced. For this reason, we offer live classes on specific topics that are taught in our program. These live lectures are mandatory for graduation from the program. To make it easier, we hold these two day classes all over the country year round. No amount of recordings will likely ever replace the value of two days of intensive training and interactive practice.

And the #1 reason that our program stands out from the rest would have to be our Clinical Advisor system. As I have traveled the world teaching in the field of natural wellness, I am astounded at how many people have completed natural wellness programs but never have gotten comfortable with truly being a practitioner because they did an “ON YOUR OWN” program. Our program is self-paced, but has a truly groundbreaking “REAL PERSON” feel. This is because after your enrollment into the program, the Board assigns a Clinical Advisor that will be with you for the whole program. Upon completion of an e-Learning Module and after you have taken the self-paced quiz, you are then provided with a hypothetical real world type scenario. You then type up a short outline of what lifestyle, herbal, nutritional, homeopathic, etc. changes you would recommend or do in a situation such as the hypothetical example. Your protocol is then sent directly to your Clinical Advisor who will then personally review it and send you back feedback on what you did right, what other things you might consider, and when necessary, if there is anything wrong with your outline. This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. By the time you have completed our program you will have completed so many of these hypothetical practical examples that move you from being a student to a being an extremely successful professional in this field. This is really something that is unmatched in the industry, even in programs costing many times this. Your Clinical Advisor will really be your mentor and over the course of 24 months you will find yourself relying on them as you develop into a competent professional. It is for this reason that we have longtime Herbalists, Naturopathic Doctors and Medical Doctors enrolling in our program. They may have the understanding of the body but they want to get the interactive Clinical Advisor practice in applying principles of natural wellness into real world scenarios.

I hope that this information helps you as you decide on a program that is right for you. Whether it is with us or through one of the many good programs out there, I strongly encourage you to never delay in seeking as much learning as you can possibly get. If there are any questions that we can answer for you please Contact Us or if you are Ready To Enroll please don't delay.